Mergers and Acquisitions of Other Companies

Acquisition is a viable option for business growth for small and medium-sized businesses.

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Evaluating Business Opportunities

An offering unique to LINK, our acquisition service delivers growth options for aspirational companies. Acquiring another enterprise can often help fast track growth in your own company, but it’s fraught with challenges. Some companies will look great on paper, but underneath may have severe limitations, be haemorrhaging money or won’t add up to a profitable purchase. When assessing potential mergers and acquisitions, the evaluation of a company will be a lengthy and thorough process. A specialist can teach you how to evaluate a company for purchase without overpromising, affecting stock values or affecting the day to day running of your business.

Working with our specialist team at LINK we will take you on a journey that could encompass 4 areas.


Assessing your current operations and deciding if growth through acquisition is the best course of action. Another acceptable option—and, in some situations, a superior one—is organic expansion.


Identifying the most important opportunities for growth, which may include economies of scale, diversification, vertical or horizontal integration, regional expansion, and any aligned synergies.


Research on national or international businesses that fulfill the criteria. Assessing your company’s potential is a strategic choice that you should consider carefully.


Lead and manage the sale transaction process. Including engaging with potential sellers, facilitating negotiations, structuring deals, and ensuring that all financial, legal, and due diligence experts work as efficiently as possible.

Partnering with LINK

Without proper counsel, many companies do not have the knowledge to make the appropriate decisions necessary for acquisition. In other cases, businesses may have vetted a good addition but are inept when it comes to navigating the steps to purchase. When it comes to the acquisition of other companies, the possibility of a misstep is great. In order to traverse this complex scenario, we recommend engaging a specialist such as LINK to manage the transitional period. With our expertise, we remove some of the stress of the mergers and acquisitions process and allow you to focus on just the pieces that are most important to your company.

We can accept mandates that are fixed-fee, success-based or a mixture of the two. Regardless, our goal is to ensure that our professionalism and dedication to your growth opportunity surpasses your expectations.

Interested to know how much your business is worth?

If you’ve decided that growth through acquisition is something you’d like to move forward with, we’re here to help. Our experts can walk you through the steps of purchase, provide council on next steps and assist with the location of an appropriate company procurement. Get in touch with a specialist today.