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Find a suitable business for sale in Tauranga. We specialise in brokering high-value company acquisition in the Tauranga area.

Fully Managed, Nationwide Cleaning Group, $1.2m EBITDA

Cleaning, Franchise, Services

Auckland Surrounds


Martin Plom, BBS, CA

+64 9 555 6048

+64 21 051 5507


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$800k Profit Wholesaler With Creative Flair!

Import/Export/Wholesale, Wholesale

Wellington Central


Jeremy Pak, BMS, CA

+64 9 600 1261

+64 21 199 7760


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Lynwood Avocado Nursery, Money DOES grow on trees

Agricultural, Agriculture / Horticulture, Rural

New Zealand

Refer to Broker

Jeremy Pak, BMS, CA

+64 9 600 1261

+64 21 199 7760


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Acquisition Services

A service unique to LINK Enterprise, we offer companies looking for a business for sale Tauranga assistance to find a suitable acquisition. Beginning by reviewing the current operation, we evaluate multiple path opportunities for your company, including organic growth and purchase of a business. Guaranteeing future cash flows is not exclusive to acquisition. Still, if you choose it, multiple methods such as geographic expansion, economies of scale, synergies and diversification will be effectively compared and assessed. Our experienced team focuses on research surrounding the identification of suitable companies for your industry and budget. We maintain the utmost confidentiality throughout our search and frequently can make off-market arrangements. We also tend to contract negotiations and deal brokering. When financial, legal and due diligence specialists are needed, we will organise them to ensure they complete their work in a timely and confidential manner.

Who We Are

LINK has been in business since 1996 and has a long history of brokering negotiations between buyers and companies for sale Tauranga and throughout New Zealand. Our dedicated work in evaluation of growth opportunities, finding private businesses for sale, and negotiating good faith agreements has built our reputation for being a premium brokerage service for sales over $2M. We have in-depth industry knowledge and always maintain the utmost discretion in our work. Many of our clients prefer their deals to remain confidential to keep business running as usual. Our work is precise and requires skilled staff to locate potential acquisitions and promptly and profitably close the sale. If you would like to discuss your requirements for finding a business for sale Tauranga, get in touch with one of our experts. We’d be happy to walk you through our process and consider a possible partnership through this transitional period.

LINK Valuations

We are experts in company valuation, business for sale in Tauranga and utilise both industry-accepted practices and our own algorithms to ascertain a company’s value accurately. Many are familiar with using an ‘industry’ multiplier – the PE (Price to Earnings) ratio to value a business. We believe this is best combined with other tactics to build a fuller picture of a company’s true worth. We have created a self-assessment tool that can be used by businesses looking to assess themselves for upcoming sales. Our award-winning appraisal instrument value. LINK provides a thorough value appraisal based on global sales data and finely tuned algorithms. Our clients can receive richer valuation services when working with us to decide if a company is ready for sale. Our factors weigh out all facets of a business, providing the most accurate assessment of appraisal.

Work with LINK

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