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How to increase your business value

At LINK Enterprise, regardless of the sector, profit and location of a business, there are three key focus areas that ensure we can achieve a maximum price for your high value business for sale.

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Maximise Value with LINK Enterprise

LINK Enterprise offers a specialised service assisting companies with valuation and potential buyer identification. With our assistance, many businesses find that they are able to make a more profitable arrangement than they would have had they opted to engage acquirers on their own. We have experience with high value business transactions as well as with negotiating with prospective buyers on behalf of our clients. We also have connections that allow us to find acquirers while keeping sales confidential. Our advice to clients on contract specifics, regulatory matters and timelines for purchase often leads to successful sales. With LINK in your corner, we’re confident that you will find an acquisition arrangement that fits your requirements.

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Focus on future business growth.

A company’s potential for future financial growth can have a significant impact on the price at which it is sold. To illustrate the worth of the business under potential new ownership, we may assist you in making these projections and exploring these options with prospective purchasers. A high value business for sale will attract a lot more attention if it has been valued and assessed by a credible source. This is why LINK offers qualified valuation services as well as advice surrounding potential business sales.

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Look far and wide for the best buyers.

In the world of business, it’s not always easy to attract the attention of the best buyers. LINK Enterprise is a company that specializes in identifying potential opportunities and qualifying prospective buyers directly. Once we have a high value business for sale, we can market this to potential buyers in a confidential manner. We understand that confidentiality is crucial in these situations, so we take great care in vetting potential buyers and requiring them to sign a confidentiality agreement before divulging specific information about the company for sale.

This process ensures that only serious, high-value buyers are given access to confidential information about the business, reducing the risk of sensitive information falling into the wrong hands. After ensuring that the potential buyer is a good fit for the company, LINK Enterprise can then manage the information disclosed about the business to them. This allows business owners to remain focused on running their business while LINK Enterprise takes care of the complex process of finding and vetting potential buyers.

Overall, LINK Enterprise’s approach provides a valuable service for business owners looking to sell their company, as it allows them to maintain confidentiality while attracting serious, qualified buyers who are a good fit for their business. 

Multiple buyers of high value businesses for sale

Ensure that there are multiple buyers interested in your business.

Choice is an absolute must in any business sale. Negotiating with just one buyer often means they have control over the sale process. So, to get the best value, deal terms and structure when selling, you need multiple potential acquirers at the deal table. LINK Enterprise creates a competitive environment. We set deadlines, keep buyers to a timetable, control the momentum, and make it clear to buyers that there are other interested parties in the picture. We aim to bring you multiple options so you can choose the best-fit acquirer and the right deal for you.

Understand your company value

Use our confidential self-assessment tool to get a gauge of your entire business’s value. This is an essential first step if you’re attempting to prove that you are a high value business for sale.