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Selling your business begins with understanding its value, preparing for a sale and facilitating a profitable deal.

Fully Managed, Nationwide Cleaning Group, $1.2m EBITDA

Cleaning, Franchise, Services

Auckland Surrounds


Martin Plom, BBS, CA

+64 9 555 6048

+64 21 051 5507


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$800k Profit Wholesaler With Creative Flair!

Import/Export/Wholesale, Wholesale

Wellington Central


Jeremy Pak, BMS, CA

+64 9 600 1261

+64 21 199 7760


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Lynwood Avocado Nursery, Money DOES grow on trees

Agricultural, Agriculture / Horticulture, Rural

New Zealand

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Jeremy Pak, BMS, CA

+64 9 600 1261

+64 21 199 7760


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Understanding Your Value

Many of our clients come to us asking, “How do I sell my business for the best price?”. While every business will have a different answer to ‘how much’, the ‘how to’ is somewhat the same. At LINK Enterprise, we offer an expert service for valuation to our clients who are looking to sell their businesses. With a proper valuation, a company can begin to understand what their range for reasonable offers will be. Our services will also inform and instruct enterprises on how to increase their perceived value. You may not understand how to calculate the worth of your business, but with the help of our award-winning Valu.LINK tool, we can draw on global sales data and precise algorithms to provide an accurate appraisal. Proving future financial growth opportunities in conjunction with high value will indicate to buyers that yours is a company worth investing in.

Preparing for Sale

LINK Enterprise specialises in assisting with business sales for high-valued companies in Auckland and throughout New Zealand. In order to prepare for a deal, a business must continue to run as usual. If you’re thinking “I’d like to sell my business in Auckland“, then you need to act in a way that is slightly contrasting with this fact. To attract potential buyers, the business must appear to be running as a healthy, well-managed organisation, including maintaining investments. We operate in the strictest confidentiality to ensure that the identities of our clients businesses are never revealed. If you would like to anonymously list your sale on our site, we can assist with communication of interested parties. Our team is dedicated to your business’s successful sale and will become a partner with you throughout the entire process.

Finding a Buyer

Our brokers have years of experience with both preparation responsibilities and negotiation and will assist you with all aspects of your deal. With industry-specific intelligence and expertise, your broker will understand the specific challenges of your search for a buyer. Perhaps the most critical element of our services, we will offer you the chance to find multiple buyers. This means no potential acquirer will ever hold the control of your sale in their hands. Negotiating with various buyers will allow you to retain power, get the best value for your company and create a competitive environment. By making it clear to all interested parties that they are not the only ones interested in your company, we can keep the sale momentum and encourage the best possible price. It will also allow you to choose the best fit for the running of your business.

Are you wondering “How can I sell my business in Auckland?”

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